STEAM Activity: Dancing Grapes

What Kids Learn From This STEAM Activity

This STEAM Activity, Dancing Grapes, teaches kids about buoyancy, which is about how things either float in the water or sink. Grapes are a little heavier than water, so they usually go down. But the fizzy bubbles of carbon dioxide in the seltzer water hold onto the grapes, making them lighter and helping them rise up. Once they reach the top, the bubbles burst, and the grapes become a bit heavier again, so they go back down. Then, more bubbles stick to them, and the whole thing starts again. This floating up and down is what creates the dancing grapes in the fizzy water experiment.

What is Buoyancy?

Buoyancy is the way objects float in water or other fluids. It happens because the upward force from the fluid is stronger than the weight of the object. This force helps things stay afloat or go up when they’re lighter than the fluid they’re in.

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What We Need For This STEAM Activity


Dancing Grapes Materials
Dancing Grapes Materials




How to Do the STEAM Activity, Dancing Grapes Experiment

  1. Fill the transparent container about three-quarters full with seltzer water.
  2. Drop a few grapes into the container filled with seltzer water.
    STEAM Activity Dancing Grapes - Put Grapes In
    STEAM Activity Dancing Grapes – Put Grapes In


    STEAM Activity Dancing Grapes - Put Grapes In
    STEAM Activity Dancing Grapes – Put Grapes In
  3. Watch grape sink to the bottom and then as the bubble attach to the grapes, they start rising up and dance!

Variations & Challenges

  • Experiment with other fruits or objects and observe how they interact with the bubbles in the fizzy water. Do different fruits behave the same way as grapes?
  • Try using grapes of different sizes. Do larger grapes behave differently than smaller ones?
  • Experiment with other lightweight objects like raisins, small toys, or even pieces of paper. How do these objects interact with the carbonation?
  • Before starting, have kids predict how different variables might affect the grape’s movement, like using more or fewer bubbles or changing the type of fruit. Then test their predictions.



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